Key Features

Key Features


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#1 Transit Oriented District

Bandar Malaysia is strategically planned to become Malaysia’s first integrated transit-oriented mixed-use cluster that will attract a vibrant mix of local and international business travelers, tourists and residents.

The development will be home to Malaysia’s first KL-Singapore high-speed rail terminus. A collaborative effort between the Singapore and Malaysia governments, this first-of-its kind connection will allow people to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in 90 minutes.

#2 Global Business District

As the preferred address for world-class business, Bandar Malaysia will be a beacon for international businesses seeking to establish a footprint in Malaysia and the region. Bandar Malaysia will be home to a Global Business District, a managed business park with features including smart offices, robust digital infrastructure, future-proofed work spaces, a comprehensive security masterplan and more.

Supporting these will be a One-Stop Government Service Center whose aim is to facilitate commerce and enterprise, and the Executive Learning Institutions that aims to produce talent required to support leadership development of the nation.

#3 Retail Lifestyle Cluster

Bandar Malaysia’s Retail Lifestyle Cluster will introduce a new shopping experience to the city. Experiential shopping concepts will be combined with ground-breaking architecture to create a vibrant shopping experience which would make the most of Bandar Malaysia’s unique master-planned environment and public realm.

Envisioned as a showcase of the world’s best, the Retail Lifestyle Cluster in Bandar Malaysia will capture both global and local fashion designers, artisans and traders – emerging as an entrepreneurial centre for trendsetting ideas.

The public realm of Bandar Malaysia will be leveraged upon to create a memorable shopping experience, with landscaped retail boulevards with wide pedestrianized corridor that can double up as fashion runways and parade grounds for events and festivals.

#4 Creative Enterprise Hub

The Creative Enterprise Hub in Bandar Malaysia will be a natural home for companies operating in the high-end services industries - arts and culture, science & technology and fashion and design.

This hub will provide a platform for knowledge-based industries to take root and flourish: to promote, market and commercialize trendsetting and innovative ideas. This is made possible by Bandar Malaysia’s strategically planned commercial, office, R&D centres and incubator spaces.

There is more to a thriving creative hub than just workspaces. The people working there need to have an outlet for their creativity as well. This is where Bandar Malaysia shines, with its strong cultural offerings in the form of theatres, cultural museums and studios, turning the hub into a magnet for talent, both local and foreign.

#5 Gastronomy, Leisure, Entertainment and Wellness (GLEW) Tourism

GLEW Tourism encapsulates our ambition to target specific sectors of the tourism industry: the Gastronomy, Leisure, Entertainment and Wellness tourism markets. Each of these segments has its own respective requirements, and with Bandar Malaysia, we are well-positioned to meet every one of these needs.

From vibrant retail clusters and food courts showcasing Malaysia’s diverse gastronomic and culinary culture, to serene parklands and amenities promoting health and wellness, Bandar Malaysia will be a place where people from near and far will congregate to relax, recreate and rejuvenate.