Fake letters to Develop Bandar Malaysia.

Fake letters to Develop Bandar Malaysia.

It has come to our attention that a third party not linked to or authorised by 1MDB or the Government of Malaysia is purporting to be the project manager for the Bandar Malaysia and Tun Razak Exchange developments. This third party has issued letters for offer of appointment without the authorisation of 1MDB and its subsidiaries and the Government of Malaysia to companies to participate in the projects.

The third party, which called itself Khidmat Runding Jatipadu, has issued letters bearing the Government of Malaysia logo under the letterhead of Perbadanan Bandar Malaysia. Based on our verification, Perbadanan Bandar Malaysia does not exist and the logo of the Government of Malaysia has been improperly obtained. Further, the addresses provided of Khidmat Runding Jatipadu in the said letters are not occupied by their office. These fake letters were brought to our attention by certain of its recipients, with an offer to appoint them as joint developer or consultant accordingly for a financial district project in Sungai Besi.

The fake letters also requested companies to submit their company registration, profile and financial statement, along with payment in the form of bank draft or company cheque.

1MDB Real Estate Sdn Bhd, as the master developer for the Bandar Malaysia and Tun Razak Exchange developments, would like to stress that both these strategic national development projects are being managed solely by 1MDB Real Estate Sdn. Bhd.

In relation to Bandar Malaysia, 1MDB RE has only authorised the real estate services company CH Williams Talhar and Wong (WTW), to approach third parties for proposals. WTW are the appointed transaction advisor for the Bandar Malaysia Request For Proposal process. This process began in June 2015 and has successfully closed in November 2015.

The Tun Razak Exchange development is not currently running a process seeking joint developers or consultants.

1MDB RE has lodged reports on the matter with the relevant authorities. Please be advised that the said offer letters are fake and it’s issuance not authorised by 1MDB and its subsidiaries and the Government of Malaysia, and we encourage companies that have received the invitation to notify us at [email protected]. We also urge companies to check any such notices against the information available on www.1mdb.com.my or www.bandarmalaysia.my.